About This Site

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by the site!
I hope it gives you whatever you're looking for or at least amuse you a little.

This site was just a little fun site I made to learn more about web development in general. I do have some ideas for this site in the future but I am uncertain if I will be able to follow through.

Is there any way I can contribute to the site?

My first instinct is to say I need help with data collection, but then I would need to set up a system for you guys to key in the data and that'll take too long so I may have to scratch that plan.

I welcome suggestions on stuff you want to help with though so you can tweet at me or something.

You can also support me and this site by donating.

Your donations will go to:-

Web Stuff
Web hosting and general maintenance.

Cat Food
I feed a few cats that wander around my workplace.
The costs really add up so if you want to help feed them, it'd be great.

Their names are Lexy, Smokey #1, Smokey #2 (no picture - kinda shy) and Socks. Yeap.

Here if you have any comments, gratitude, issues, typos, suggestions, cat puns, pics and gifs.
Here to see my attempt at being some sort of a web designer.