How is the data collected and calculated?

Just a quick explanation on the method of data collection and calculation so you can best utilize them as you see fit.

There is nothing special about the data collection. It is under these circumstances:

I saw higher gold/silver fish gain in other sites. Why is yours lower?

I've noticed that as well. The best speculation is that I leave the goodies out longer and they go through more feedings, so when averaged out, the number decreases. I am only confident when I've collected data for at least 15 feedings for each goodie.

I've noticed that some items will dish out like 7 gold fishes within the first 5 feedings, and then go through a "gold fish drought". If I stop collecting at 5 feedings, the end result is 7/5 = 1.3 gold fishes. But as I let it run for 15 feedings and if the goodie does not produce any more gold fish, the average in the end is lower at 7/15 gold fishes which will give you ~0.5 gold fish per feeding.

Using a minimum number of feedings is the only consistent way I can think of. The only caveat is that at the beginning, I wasn't so strict about the number of feedings, as long as it's more than 15. Some I do run longer than others (there are some up to 42(!!) feedings). In hindsight, I should have kept it all at a consistent number of 15 feedings.

Although I have to argue that the number gets more accurate with more feedings ;)

After I'm done with all the goodies and if I have not exhausted all my motivation and excitement for neko kitties, I may wipe the data for the ones which do not have the standard 15 feedings and rerun them again.

How can I best utilize the data you have?

Just as you see it.

If you want to grind gold fish, I'd say it is better to use the standard "sort by most gold fish" filter.

But if you're going for highest rate of return, use the ROR option. You may not get as many gold fishes, but you most likely will get plenty silver fishes. Convert them into gold fishes.

From my experience though, I think it's best to pick the ones with an ROR of more than 50% and give at least 1.5 gold fishes. I personally use the 'most gold fish' option because I still get stupidly excited seeing gold fishes in the gift list.

Cool. Anything else I need to know?

Yes. Every new update scares me. There's always that feeling that maybe the developers decided to switch up the algorithms every time they do a new update just to keep things fresh, or maybe just because. Hell, I know if I were a game developer, I'll make small number alterations here and there just because I can. (Also to find the game balance technically...)

That one time when there was a bug with a new update and putting out Bonito Bitz only attracted 1-3 cats messed with my head so much that I almost threw out this entire project. If the algorithms were switched up each time, all the data is technically useless. But I'd like to think that they are too busy to do something like that :D

In the same update itself, I noticed that Fritzy Bitz also attracted a little bit more cats than usual but I'll blissfully ignore this as there is no way I can confirm this.

What about using different food types?

I collected this data with the assumption that you get the same rate of gold/silver fish, which is why I only do Fritzy Bitz.

(I mean I could do it for other food types but that is 134 items X 4 food types X 15 feedings.. I'll have to do this for months... good lord, save my soul).

I am in the process of writing a simple guide about difference in gifts among the food types.