How do I get enough gold for the yard expansion?

This will be a short but hopefully concise guide on how to get the required 180 gold fish for the yard expansion.

I played the game twice; the first time I managed to get it in a week following this guide, the second in 4.5-ish days, also following the guide but with stricter rules and a bit of modifications.

Do note that the moment I started the game, my only goal was to earn the 180 gold fish, compromising my "fun" of enjoying the game and taking my time. My mentality was that once I get the menial stuff out of the day (which is just the expansion, honestly), then I can take my time and enjoy the game after.

Also, more space, more toys, more amusement.

My friend took her time and finally got an expansion 3 weeks in. Much longer, but I cant deny that she was probably enjoying more. Also, the game lasted longer for her.

On to the important things...
List of items I recommend putting out:-
Remember, every gold fish counts.